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Graduate Programs - Current Graduate Students

Graduate Student Deg Email Address Advisor
Andrews, Caitlin MS Weiskittel
Arvisais, Kyle MF  TBD
Ayrey, Elias MS Fraver
Blair, Martha MS Daigle
Blumentritt, Melanie PhD Shaler
Butak, Amanda MS Day
carr, tish MF Livingston
Carter, David MS Seymour
Cousins, Kathryn MS Benjamin
Crouse, Justin MF Benjamin
Dunckel, Kathleen PhD Sader
Ellis, Amanda PhD Daigle
Erickson, Brian MF Benjamin
Fefer, Jessica MS Daigle
Fuller, Morgan MS/PSE Fernandez
Greene, Roger MF Seymour
Greenlaw, Suzanne PhD Daigle/Ronco
Grimm, Samuel MS Seymour
Hayashi, Rei MS Sader/Weiskittel
Hiesl, Patrick PhD Benjamin
Hutchinson, Sean MS Weiskittel
Hutton, Christopher MS Benjamin
Jennings, Casey MF Seymour
Johnson, Brittany PhD Fernandez
Johnson, Michelle PhD Lilieholm
Johnson, Tora PhD Leahy
Kiziltas, Alper PhD Gardner
Kiziltas, Esra PhD Gardner
Learnard, Brandon MF Roth
Legaard, Kasey PhD Sader
Lewis, Elizabeth MS Wiersma
Lombardo, Jeffrey MS Kenefic/Weiskittel
Lorion, Kara MS Livingston
Mathes, Samuel MF Morin
McBride, Peter MF Benjamin
Meyer, Spencer PhD Lilieholm
Munoz, Bethany PhD Weiskittel/Kenefic
Patel, Kaizad PhD-EES Fernandez
Paul, Adam MF Seymour
Puhlick, Joshua PhD Weiskittel
Quartuch, Michael PhD Daigle
Rice, Ben PhD
Rutenbeck, Nathan PhD Seymour
Salvino, Cayce MS-PSE Fernandez
Sandilands, David MS Sader
Scaccia, Matthew MS De Urioste-Stone
Sherwood, David MS Seymour
Silver, Emily PhD Leahy/Weiskittel
Smith, Tim MS Sader
Stapp, Jared MS Lilieholm
Szwedo, Paul MF Seymour
Trosper, Stacy MS Livingston
Wang, Lu PhD Gardner
Yildirim, Nadir PhD Shaler
York, Melissa MS Leahy

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Student Bloggers

Brittany Ross is currently a Junior in the Forestry program at the University of Maine. She enjoys many outdoor activities including running, hiking, biking, skiing, and swimming. Running is her passion in life. She ran a half marathon last year and hopes to run a full marathon (26.2 miles) this year!

Check out her posts under Student Blogs.