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Faculty & Staff - Directory


Benjamin, Jeffrey – Forest Operations
Crandall, Mindy – Forest Landscape Management
Daigle, John
– Parks, Recreation and Tourism
Day, Michael
– Physiological Ecology
De Urioste-Stone, Sandra – Sustainable Tourism Development
Fernandez, Ivan – Soil Science
Fraver, Shawn – Forest Ecosystem Science (Carbon & Climate Dynamics)
Gardner, Douglas
– Wood Composites
Han, Yousoo – Assistant Research Professor
Kenefic, Laura
– Silviculture, U.S. Forest Service Research
Kimball, Alan
– Ecology/Management
Leahy, Jessica
– Human Dimensions
Lilieholm, Robert – Forest Economics and Policy
Livingston, William
– Forest Pathology, Tree Health
Morin, J. Louis
– GIS/GPS/Management
Rice, Robert
– Wood Science/Physics
Sader, Steven
– Remote Sensing/GIS
Seymour, Robert
– Quantitative Silviculture
Shaler, Stephen – Wood Science/Engineering
Simons-Legaard, Erin – Assistant Research Professor in Forest Landscape Modeling
Tajvidi, Mehdi
– Renewable Nanomaterials
Wagner, Robert
– Silviculture/Forest Vegetation Management
Weiskittel, Aaron
– Forest Biometrics and Modeling
White, Alan – Forest Ecology


Campbell, Christopher S. – School of Biology and Ecology
Cole, Barbara J. W.
– Department of Chemistry
Cronan, Christopher S.
– School of Biology and Ecology
Ednie, Andrea J. - University of Maine at Machias
Genco, Joseph M. – Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Harrison, Daniel J.
– Department of Wildlife Ecology
Hutchison, Keith W.
– Department of Molecular and Biomedical Sciences
Nelson, Sarah – Mitchell Center


Brissette, John – USDA Forest Service
Irland, Lloyd C. – The Irland Group
Kenefic, Laura – USDA Forest Service
Kershaw, John – University of New Brunswick
Kittredge, David – University of Massachusetts
Lutz, Jack – Forest Research Group
MacKay, Donald – Forest Research, LLC
Rustad, Lindsey – USDA Forest Service
Saunders, Michael
- Purdue University
Vicary, Bret P. – James W. Sewall Company
Wilson, Jeremy – Harris Center for Conservation Education



Brann, Thomas
Field, David B.
Carter, Katherine K.
Greenwood, Michael
Hale, Richard A.
Hedstrom, Warren E.

Jagels, Richard
McCormack, Maxwell L.
Robbins, Wallace C.
Shepard, Robert K.

Wiersma, G. Bruce


Avery, Robin – Operations Manager
Belanger, Gail – Grant Accountant
Field, Shannon – Administrative Specialist
Frank, Jereme – Research Assistant
Gruselle, Marie-Cecile – Post-Doctoral Fellow
Kuehne, Christian – Postdoctoral Research Associate in Forest Biometrics
Legaard, Kasey – Associate Scientist
Paschal, Cindy – Administrative Support Supervisor
Rogers, Nicole – Research Data & Records Archive Manager
Spencer, Cheryl – Scientific Research Specialist
Stone, Carter – Barbara Wheatland Geospatial and Remote Sensing Program Manager



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